Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Candy Or Not Candy

If you haven't heard about this, narcotics police in Philadelphia are having a tough time figuring out if people are trying to get high or just freshen their breath. Police claim Hershey's Ice Breakers Pacs look too much like the heat-sealed bags of illegal drugs such as heroin or crack. Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector William Blackburn said he has been a narcotics officer for most of his career and mistook the candy pouches for the real thing.

The Hershey Company, makers of the Ice Breakers Candy, defended the product, saying in part, it is clearly labeled with product identification. Sure, in part. Now I saw pictures of the drugs and the candy side by side and I couldn't tell a difference. So I am guessing that the "in part" labeling is that of the actual package that the breath strips come in.I'm just wondering why Hershey is being so defensive against their candy. If I were the CEO of Hershey, I would help out the Law of the Land by making the candy a little bit more convincing that it is candy. Is it really that big of deal to change the actual candy or make the actual strip say Hershey or Ice Breakers on it? What is the cost to help get drugs off the street?

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