Friday, September 22, 2006

How Much Do You Want To Bet

I'm no celebrity. I never have been and most likely never will be, but I'll be willing to bet that I have more rights than most celebrities will ever have. There is none bigger than that of being photographed in public.

Celebrities are photographed more than any other thing in the world. National Geographic has nothing on the paparazzi. The paparazzi takes more photos in an entire day that film that Wal-Mart sells in an entire year. Hundreds of photographers can surround a single celebrity taking thousands of photos in a matter of minutes. This is perfectly legal because there is no law that says that you cannot take a photo of a person in a public place, therefore every celebrity is fair game.

So what makes me have more rights than celebrities? Easy. Even though it's perfectly legal to follow me around town, take pictures of me because I'm out in public, and so on, if you were to actually to do that to me I could call the police and have you arrested for stalking. It's just that simple. I can simply say that I feel threatened by you and have you arrested. It's just that simple.

So why is it so hard for a celebrity to do this same thing? Simple. It's because they are a celebrity. Nobody seems to believe that they can be victims of stalkers. They just say that they are being followed by the paparazzi, which is of coarse, is perfectly legal. Even though people like Princess Diana were killed due to activities of the paparazzi, nothing seems to be done to these people who take photos of celebrities for a living, even though they may be in fact putting these celebrities lives in danger.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Odd Behavior

What is it with us as human beings that makes us react in the strangest ways? What is it that makes us get upset at others when the blame lies within ourselves. We like to think that we are perfect, yet some of us seem to blame others when the fault is clearly ours. Why is that. Don't know what I'm talking about. Let's take a look at some common examples.

Let's say that you are the type of person that has to have everything perfect. Your car is always clean. Your house is always spotless. You keep your grass cut, even if you have to cut it several times a week to keep up that standard. Everything to you has to be just perfect. You dread having a piece of paper fall on the floor. If your this type of person, everything is kept in tip top shape. When people come over to your house Your more than happy to invite them in, drink a cup of tea or whatever. You may not think about it but your really proud of the way that you keep your house. Your happier when people come and visit you.

Now if you reverse that, you'll find that there is a very different type of you that comes out. Let's say that you were living like a pig. While you may feel completely comfortable in that situation, what happens to your mood when others come and visit you without prior warning. It's funny how most people get downright mad that they are there. They start saying things to the other person that might make the other person upset, like, "I wish that you had called before coming over." What's really going on is that you don't want that other person coming in your house to see just exactly how you really live. You get upset that they would even dare come over without calling. Even though deep down inside, you know that it's your fault you seem to put the blame on the other person. It's like driving in a car. You cut someone off of the road even though you know that they are there. When they honk the heck out of their horn at you, you get ticked at them because all of the sudden it becomes their fault. Even though you know for a fact that it's your fault you find reasons to blame the other person.

Why is that? Why is it that we treat each other poorly when we know that the actual blame lies within ourselves. What is inside of us that makes us react in the ways that we do and what in the world is it going to take for us to change?

Monday, September 18, 2006

Over Promoting

When ever your watching TV, and a program goes to commercial, don't you just love them? Today's commercials are hilarious. Not like the commercials of years past. Those were boring. You just wanted to change the channel. The commercials were programmed to be louder than the TV program that you were watching. Those were the days. Now days, commercials are hilarious. Some are so funny, you just can't wait to watch it again. If you have Tivo then your probably one of thousands that either keep rewinding it or record it for later. Either way, commercials are not like they used to be. Today you want to watch them rather than turn the channel.

There are several commercials that bother me though. The commercials that are promoting prescription drugs drives me insane. I have yet to see one segment of commercials go without at least one of them promoting a prescription. Not one. Are we buying into all of this? Some of the prescriptions are so stupid. Like the one about having "no tears". Have they got people convinced that thousands of people have no tears. Maybe it's true. Maybe thousands of people do have no tears, but the commercial makes it sounds like half the world is living with no tears.

I've seen prescription commercials of every type and sort that it just makes me sick. They have people fooled. They're making people feel as if they must have a certain drug if they feel bad. There are so many commercials for pescription drugs it's ridiculous. I would go as far as to say that it's getting out of control. There is no reason that there should be this much promoting of pescription drugs out there. These type of drugs should be prescribed by a doctor, not by the TV, Yet as millions watch, several hundreds of people flock to their doctor, convinced that they have a certain problem and would like to have the drug that was promoted of TV. Wake up America. Let's get real. If you have a problem or you think that you might have a problem, then you need to go and see a licensed doctor. Don't listen to the TV. Use a little bit more common sense and everything will be just fine.