Monday, September 18, 2006

Over Promoting

When ever your watching TV, and a program goes to commercial, don't you just love them? Today's commercials are hilarious. Not like the commercials of years past. Those were boring. You just wanted to change the channel. The commercials were programmed to be louder than the TV program that you were watching. Those were the days. Now days, commercials are hilarious. Some are so funny, you just can't wait to watch it again. If you have Tivo then your probably one of thousands that either keep rewinding it or record it for later. Either way, commercials are not like they used to be. Today you want to watch them rather than turn the channel.

There are several commercials that bother me though. The commercials that are promoting prescription drugs drives me insane. I have yet to see one segment of commercials go without at least one of them promoting a prescription. Not one. Are we buying into all of this? Some of the prescriptions are so stupid. Like the one about having "no tears". Have they got people convinced that thousands of people have no tears. Maybe it's true. Maybe thousands of people do have no tears, but the commercial makes it sounds like half the world is living with no tears.

I've seen prescription commercials of every type and sort that it just makes me sick. They have people fooled. They're making people feel as if they must have a certain drug if they feel bad. There are so many commercials for pescription drugs it's ridiculous. I would go as far as to say that it's getting out of control. There is no reason that there should be this much promoting of pescription drugs out there. These type of drugs should be prescribed by a doctor, not by the TV, Yet as millions watch, several hundreds of people flock to their doctor, convinced that they have a certain problem and would like to have the drug that was promoted of TV. Wake up America. Let's get real. If you have a problem or you think that you might have a problem, then you need to go and see a licensed doctor. Don't listen to the TV. Use a little bit more common sense and everything will be just fine.

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Kelly said...

Nicely said. Do you really need the television commercials telling you about prescription medication available for every condition? Are they educating or manipulating you? Seehere & feel free to comment