Saturday, June 17, 2006

A Must Win for Dallas

With Game 5 of the NBA finals coming up on Sunday and Jerry Stackhouse being suspended, the Dallas Mavericks have a very difficult task in front of them. How are they going to rally to a win so that they don't go home 2-3?

Dallas started the '05-'06 season without Stack and managed to come out with only a handful of losses. Dallas has proven their a better team than Miami over and over again even without Stack. Game 1, 3, and 9(Phoenix, San Antonio, and Detroit) of the regular season were all against top teams and all wins and all without Stack. Dallas managed to beat San Antonio by 19 and Detroit by a whopping 37 points. Let's not forget that Dallas beat Detroit twice in the preseason as well. Dallas can easily defeat Miami as long as they start playing like the championship team that they really are.

Dallas can win game 5 with ease as long as key players pick up where Stack left off. Everybody knows that Dirk must step up his game and start scoring more than he has been, but who else must step up their game? In my opinion, Devin Harris must step up to the plate(or basket). Devin has proven that can turn up his game when he needs to and right now the Mavericks are going to need him to do just that. During the San Antonio series Devin proved that he had what it takes to win ball games. Even Tony Parker admitted that Devin was hard to keep up with. I believe that Devin is the key to winning game 5. Marquis Daniels is another Maverick that I believe that must step up his game. Although I don't believe that he'll log in as many minutes as Harris, I do believe that he'll log in just enough to make a difference.

Dallas can win this game if the attack at an aggressive pace. Will they unite to get the job done? Only time will tell.


Saul Hurtado said...
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Anonymous said...

Dallas has no answer for D-Wade. And the Big Fella along with team have overcome those double and triple teams thrown at Shaq.

Dallas U deserve this for disrespecting Miami by posting 'parade routes and hours' and how bout Randy Johnson writing: 'do you smell a sweep?'

Planing Parade routes and hours! And publishing them for the public,
after 2 wins, are you all morons?
Dallas you deserve what's coming to you.