Wednesday, July 05, 2006

All About The Benjamins

I was waiting and waiting to see if Ben Wallace, of the Detroit Pistons, was going to take an offer that was rumored to be coming from the Chicago Bulls. I finally saw a news conference, non-official, from outside his Detroit home, where Ben was explaining why he had chosen to take a deal with Chicago.

In the interview, Ben Wallace was saying how Chicago was a great team and how they could be a great contender for an NBA title. You know, all of the usual things that all players say when they try to explain why they upset their "true fans" by going else where. Especially the fans that are for sure that their player is going to stay another few years.

At the very end of the interview, Ben Wallace went on to say that, "In the end, Chicago just gave me an offer that I couldn't refuse." Right, and by that I'll assume that you mean money. After all 60 million for 4 years is one hell of a deal. I actually wonder if there was any other reason that Ben might have been willing to go to Chicago. Maybe the City offered to name a street corner after him. Or maybe they offered to name a shopping mall after him. Can you imagine shopping at the Ben Wallace Galleria? Maybe the Bulls offered to name a star after him. The Star Registery has become popular within the last few years. I mean what, if anything besides money, could pursued Big Ben to leave one of the best teams in the NBA. Ben already won 1 ring with Detroit and came within points during to '04-'05 season. They almost made it back to the Finals this year. Detroit is a great team. Why Ben would leave that team for a team that has a worst record is beyond me. Could it be...The MONEY?

Unlike my last Blog, this is the opposite of that, in that my personal opinion says that Big Ben chose to take a better offer, by that I mean money, from a worse team. It shows that there are people in the NBA that would rather take the money than play basketball. Now I'm not saying that Ben won't play because we all know that he will. What I mean is that he's not dedicated to the fans like Jason Terry is. Terry opted to stay in a city that loved him even though he knew he could get more money else where. Big Ben isn't willing to stay in a city that loves him because they're willing to pay him more money else where. That's the difference.

In the end this new deal made by Ben Wallace truly shows that it's not about the fans, the city, the team, the game, or even the ring. It just shows that it's all about the Benjamins.


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