Saturday, July 01, 2006

Let's Be Realistic

There are a million things in the sports world that drive me crazy. Everything from bad calls to poor playing. Whatever sport it is I just want to see good games. I mean, who doesn't want to see great games that don't have minimal calls and great quality of play? It all makes for a great game. However, with that said, let me explain what has me on the edge of going insane right now.

Like I said before, there are a million things that make drive me crazy in the sports world, but the latest one is all these "experts" and there analogy of who would win if the Mavs and Heat were to play again next year. If I've heard it once, I've heard it one to many. Evertime I turn on the TV or scour the internet for sports, it's that these "experts" say that the Heat would win. Really? Who are they fooling? Now, it's not that I'm a Mavs fan that I'm saying that. I swear it's not. I'm not saying that the Heat can't or won't repeat next year. I'm just saying that just because the Heat won this year doesn't mean that they'll repeat next year. It drives me crazy that these "experts" say that the Heat would win for one simple reason and that's because the Heat won this year. If Dallas had won you know that the experts would be saying that Dallas would repeat this year.

Think about it. With San Antonio being the World Champions last year, they were the favorites for a repeat this year and Detroit was a favorite for the year before that. No wonder that Miami is the favorite to repeat this year. Greg Anthony from ESPN, who I actually highly respect, said that the Heat would repeat for one reason and that was..."Dwyane Wade. Plain and simple." If Dallas had won he would be saying that it was because they had Dirk Nowitzki. Plain and simple.

Here's another thing that almost drives me to drink. The fact that all these "experts" are talking as if the Heat were so superior to the Mavs. Like they chewed up the Mavs and spit them back out. Why don't they really say it like it is? Why don't they say that the Heat barely escaped with their lives. After game 2, all of these "experts" were saying that Miami didn't have a chance in hell of winning the championship. Greg Anthony said after game 2 that Dallas was a "Nightmare matchup for Miami" and that "Miami didn't have any answers for what Dallas was throwing at them" Now your saying that the Mavericks lost because it was "Inexperience and not being able to handle the pressure." Come on. Let's be realistic here.

Dwyane Wade was a factor in the Heat winning but not as much as people have made it out to be. Like in game 5. Wade had 43 points and you might be thinking "Whoa" but the fact is that 21 of the 43 were from the free throw line. How one person gets all the foul calls is beyond me but...We can really say that he scored only 22 points without the free throws. It seemed to be that way in all the games. Three of the four games that Miami won were won by 3, 2, and 1 point(s) respectively. So for people to act as if Miami just plain dominated the series is the biggest bunch of crap that anybody has ever heard of. For once I would like an "expert" to say it like it really is. That's all we want as sports fans.

In my opinion, the Heat won't repeat this coming season. They could but I doubt it. The truth is that Miami did barely escaped with the victory this time. The west has too many good teams. Dallas will come back strong. San Antonio will come back strong as well. Phoenix is already strong and with the addition of Amare Stoudemire they are going to be a powerhouse contender. All 3 teams will make minor changes this off season so you can expect some great performances this season from all three teams. The east is anybodies guess. My personal opinion is that all of the east teams need improvement. Badly. It's anybodies guess who will win this year, but I could almost guarantee that it will be someone from the west and not the Heat.

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