Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tag...Your Out

It's been on the news lately. I'm sure that you have already heard it. The game of Tag is out. That's right. The game of Tag. We are all familiar of what Tag is. Children running around, one person is "it". The child who is "it" must "tag" or touch another child and then that child becomes "it". Is there a real harm in it? Some schools seem to think so. Therefore they have banned it while other schools are following suit.

So what is really wrong with the game of Tag? Some schools are saying that their afraid that if a child gets hurt playing Tag that they'll be in for a lawsuit. Are you kidding me? Why don't they just ban everything all together. Ban anything that could get a child hurt. No more P.E., no more basketball, no more football, no more recess. Why don't you ban the kids from walking from class to class? You never know, they might just trip on their own shoelace and then you'll be in for a lawsuit because the teacher didn't tell the child to tie their shoe. How horrible would that be?

The fact is that a child can get hurt doing almost anything. Banning the game of Tag doesn't change the fact that they can still get hurt. People just need to start using a little bit more common sense. Just because you take away one little game doesn't mean that a child will not get hurt doing something else. The schools that have taken away the game of Tag should be smart enough to know that. Who ever thought of taking Tag away from schools should not be have the job that they have because it's obvious that they don't know what they are doing.

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