Friday, November 24, 2006

Nintendo Wii vs Playstation 3

With the release of the new Nintendo Wii and the Playstation 3, I figure that I will give my own review of the two systems and then you can make up your own mind on which one is better.

The Nintendo Wii and the Playstation 3 have both come a long way since the last release of their older systems. Newer technology have made them both excellent systems to have. However when I look at the features of the Playstation vs the Nintendo I see that the Nintendo has a lot more to offer in some aspects.

The Nintendo seems to be based on what it is really designed for and that's games. While the new Nintendo Wii has some additional features, the Nintendo is really based at the gamer at heart. Playstation on the other hand seems to have based their new system on technology. The Playstation 3 can do just about anything. It can play Blue-Ray discs, play music CDs, play games, and much more, while the Nintendo can really only play games. Here are some other things that separate the two:

Price - The Playstation 3 has two different models to choose from, just like the XBOX 360 has. The first is a 20 Gig model and has a MSRP of $499.00. The second is a 60 Gig model and has a MSRP of $599.00. The Nintendo Wii only has one version of it's system and the MSRP on it is $249.99. The main difference is affordability between the two. The Playstation's prices are extreamly high. Higher than what most families are willing to pay. Even though the Playstation has tons of technology in them, most people only see that the Playstation 3 as a game system and not one that is used for movies, CDs, etc. In fact, most parents, unless totally familiar with the Playstation itself, don't have much of a clue to what's involved in the Playstation. Commercials on the TV don't help either, because they only show games that can be played on the system and nothing else. When a child asks their parents for one and then states the price tag, one might be leary to even think of buying one at those prices. Nintendo on the other hand has set it's price at a rather affordable price. Nintendo, on the other hand, is all about games which is what most people know Nintendo for anyways. Most people are going to see the price tag of the Wii and find it more affordable, therefore more likely to buy that system over the Playstation 3.

Format - Playstation 3 uses a High Definition format for the games that it plays, therefore in order to get the most out of a Playstation 3, you must play the system on a High Definition TV or else it looks as if you are just playing an old system because the graphics are not going to be real stunning. Now, have you priced an HDTV lately? HDTV's are some of the most expensive TV out on the market today. Even the small 13' HDTV have a starting price at about $750. That would be another downfall to having a Playstation 3. Play it on any other TV and the graphics are just going to look plain. While Nintendo has stepped up it's graphics, it has kept them so that you can see them on any TV out there while still being amazed.

Games - The Nintendo offers more family based games than any other system out there. Nintendo's games, when they are new, start out at around $49.99, but can be lower depending on what game it is. Playstation, much like XBOX, has decided that it will start off it's games at $59.99.

Blue-Ray - While Playstation is the only system that offers the Blue-Ray technology, in order to benefit from the Blue-Ray experience, you must have Blue-Ray discs, Which are currently the most expensive HD discs on the market starting out between, $25 and $30 per movie.

Controls - The Playstation has integrated a wireless remote into it's system that uses a feature that can also be used to control games at the same time. For example, it f your playing a race car game or some type of flying game, you can tilt the controller in a certain direction to make the vehicle go in that direction. The only problem with that is that while the technology is cool, Playstation has really limited use to certain games with that feature such as car games or jet games. Other than that it's really just another wireless remote. Nintendo on the other hand has the same technology, but has been able to integrate the system into every game that it puts out. The Wii controller looks much like a typical TV remote and can be attached with a "nunchuk" that enhances this feature on certain games. The big difference is that with Nintendo is that you actually feel as if you are part of the game. For example if your playing baseball you can hold the remote like a baseball bat and when the pitcher throws the ball you just swing the remote like as if you were hitting a real baseball. Want to go fishing? Cast your line using the remote and reel in your catch using the attachable "nunchuk". Sword fights put you right in the action when you have to swing the remote as if you really had a sword.

Overall, the Nintendo may be well more worth the money than the Playststion. While the Playstation is a great system, without spending a healthy amount of money you may never fully benefit from all the features that it has to offer.

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