Friday, November 03, 2006

A Little Bit Ridiculous

There is a new rule this NBA Season. I'm sure most people who watch the NBA are aware of it. But others may not be so aware. It's the rule that David Stern, the NBA's Commissioner, has passed down to the Officials of the NBA games. That rule is that the Officials are to tolerate very minimal complaining from the players or any type of other behavior that might be unsportsmanlike. If the player acts in a certain way, says something that he shouldn't, complains about a call, or any number of things, the player can be called for a technical foul. Two technical fouls and your out of the game. Officials are taking this very seriously this season to the point that David Stern should say, "Hey look guys, I know what I said, but that's not what I meant."

In the past, a technical foul was handed out if a player got extremely rough, or was verbally abusive to another player, official, or coach. A technical foul was administered if a player displayed unsportsmanlike conduct. With this new "Zero Tolerance" policy, it seems like players are getting technical fouls just as much as a regular foul. Like I said before, it only takes two of these and a player is out of the game unlike 6 for a regular foul. But are the officials going overboard on this new rule?

In 3 days of NBA basketball, there have been 4 ejections due to technical fouls and over 50 technical fouls given. Players have been T'd up for tapping the backboard, throwing headbands, taunting, blocking roughly(if there was such a thing), arguing(minor things like saying, "Come on" when they get a bad call), and many others. Such practices have always been in sports. Now the NBA has decided to try and eliminate such behavior by handing out technical fouls. It's my opinion that this just won't work. It makes the game not any fun for the players. Maybe the officials don't want to hear the arguing, but players taunting each other. Players touching the backboard for good luck. Come on. Oops, better watch my wording before I get a technical.

If there was one wish that I had it's that David Stern would tell his officials that what he said he didn't mean to the extreme that the officials are taking it. I can see the arguing issue with players and officials, but this technical foul giving has got to take a turn off the ridiculous road and turn onto the practical road.

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