Saturday, December 01, 2007

Yeah Right

You know, some people come up with the dumbest things to say.

Have you heard about this story? Wendell C. Sinn Jr. has been charged with second-degree murder, or first-degree manslaughter, in the Nov. 24 dragging death of Jerid Sturman-Camyn. According to Sinn and some other witnesses, Sturman-Camyn, a 20-year-old martial arts enthusiast, became violent and out of control at a northeastern Washington hunting camp. No reason has been given as to why they say that he was "out of control". So what does Sinn do? He tied a rope to the truck's trailer hitch and placed a noose around the neck of Sturman-Camyn when he was distracted. Then he tells his 17 year old son, Justin, to drive away. Whether or not Sinn Sr. was in the truck or not is not made clear. According to Sheriff's Deputy Tony Ingram, Justin Sinn apparently was not aware he was dragging Sturman-Camyn, a 20-year-old Eastern Washington University student, when he sped away.

Yeah right. Justin's story just sounds fishy. Your going to sit there and tell me that Justin never had any clue that he was dragging another human being? He never saw his dad noose this guy or tie the rope to the bumper and wonder what his dad was doing? Wouldn't he have liked to know what he was dragging and what he was dragging it for? He never saw a struggle between his dad and this other guy? You know, when you drag something in a truck by a rope or chain, you can pretty much know that you have something there. There is no doubt about that. And I wonder, did Justin just drive 13 miles for no reason? Did he just drive because his dad told him to? Did he ever wonder where he was driving to and for what reason?

What makes this case even more stupid is the lawyer that is representing them! No offence to lawyers out there, but some lawyers say some pretty stupid things. Sinn's lawyer, John P. Nollette, has said that evidence will show his client acted in self-defense and to protect the others at the campsite from Sturman-Camyn. I want to know how a kid can be so dangerous that it requires you to tie a noose around his neck, tie the rope to the back of a truck, and then drag him 13 miles to his death? How is this self defense? Is that really protecting others? I mean Sturman-Camyn is just one person. There were multiple people at the campsite. Your telling me that a whole bunch of people could not subdue him until police arrived? Obviously he was subdued long enough for Sinn Sr. to get a noose around his neck and then tie it to the back of his truck. Was Sturman-Camyn knocked out cold or what? I just can't believe that Nollette is willing to take on this case because it looks to me like a loose-loose case. But I guess if you can spill coffee on yourself and sue McDonald's and win because you were unaware that the coffee was "hot", then you can win just about anything no matter how ridiculous it sounds.

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