Thursday, November 29, 2007

What's Wrong With

So tonight was the biggest, most talked about games in the NFL this season. The Dallas Cowboys vs. the Green Bay Packers. Everybody is talking about it. So what is the problem? At least 60% of America could not watch the game. You had to have NFL ticket to watch the game. Are you serious? Why, yes I am! Unfortunately, I am one of those 60%.

So puts out an advertisement that states that they have tried unsuccessfully to get cable companies to air the football game. I really wonder how hard they tried. I'm sure that ABC, CBS, and NBC would have been more than willing to cancel one of their programs so that the biggest season could be watched. I'm sure that their airing of this particular game would have drawn in millions of viewers. So how hard did they try, really?

The advertisement also said that they would be airing the game on for free. I thought that was awesome. But did they? Sure for a few minutes at a time. Most of the game was done by two guys just talking about the teams and the players and the factors of the game. More time was spent watching these two guys talk than watching a live game. I couldn't believe that would tell people that they would air the game for free and then not do it. This was a chance for the NFL to make so major bucks. How? Let's look.

If had done what it said that it was going to do, then next year more people would have bought the NFL Ticket. NFL Ticket is a program that you can order from your local cable company that shows every single game of the season so you won't miss a game. One like Dallas vs. Green Bay. The NFL could have boosted sales next season. Instead, deceives people and more than likely, the NFL fan base is so disgusted with this lie that they put out there, that next season, I'll put money on it that the NFL Ticket will go down. It always happens that way. When people trust what you say, then your sales go up. When they think that you have deceived them or they know that you have deceived them, then your sales go down. What's bad about deceiving people is that when you tick people off, they tell everybody what a big jerk you are and then their friends don't want to have anything to do with you either. That's the way the world works. If you provide good service to your fan base, chances are they are not going to tell anyone. But if you screw them over, then the will tell everybody they can, even people that they don't know.

So way to go I'm sure that you have royally pissed off more than half of the NFL fan base. Personally, out of any major sport out there, the NFL fans are the ones that I would not want to piss off! I'm sure that your sales will be thriving next year and I say that in the most sarcastic way possible! Keep up the good work.

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