Monday, November 26, 2007

Oh My Gosh

Did you hear about this guy named Sampson Parker? He's a farmer in South Carolina.

So recently he's just doing the farm thing and he notices a piece of cornstalk stuck in one of his machines. He tried to release the cornstalk from the machine, however, when he did so his hand got stuck in the machine. So this guy is just yelling his lungs out for help, but help never comes. After about an hour or so his whole hand goes numb. So what does he do? He takes out his pocket knife and starts to cut off his fingers so that he can be free. Yeah, gross I know but that's not even the worst of it.

So Mr. Parker is just sawing away at his fingers when the machine catches on fire. The fire starts to cover his arm so then he realizes that he is in trouble. "My skin was melting. It was dripping off my arm like plastic, plastic melting." he said. "I realized I was in trouble." So what does he do then? He decided that he'd better cut off his whole arm otherwise he may never see tomorrow. With no time to spare, Mr. Parker went straight for his arm, cutting away from the bone as fast as he could. Once he severed his arm from his body, he managed to drive himself to a road where a firefighter helped him with the injury.

Now you have got to have some huge gonads to cut off your own arm. Especially with a pocket knife. I just wonder what type of pocket knife can cut through bone that fast! Must of been one of those ones with the mini saw in it. He probable used the saw, they just don't tell you that so that the story will be more dramatic! I guess if anybody were in that situation the might do the same thing. After all, it is human nature to try and stay alive. Still, I got to give props to Mr. Parker. That was a very brave thing that he did.

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