Thursday, June 22, 2006

Flip Flops

The more and more I think about this, the more and more I laugh. With the NBA Finals now over, the sale of Miami Heat memorabilia is sure to rocket sky high. Same for the Stanley Cup winners the Carolina Hurricanes. This goes for any sport. It's just funny to me how many people are wearing champions Jersey or now have the champions logo on their car. You can see it all around and within the next week or two it is sure to spread like wildfire. I just et a kick out of things like that. It makes me wonder if they are true fans or just trying to fit in.

Now if you live in a Hugh city like Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, or any number of other cities, I don't mean you. I live in a small town not even 100,000 people strong. We have no professional sports so when someone like the Spurs win the NBA Finals, everyone has something that has to do with that team. Same thing for the Heat this year. It's going to happen. Always does.

I remember when The Texas longhorns beat LSU this past year. Sales of Longhorn stuff was everywhere. Everyone wore orange for weeks. It almost drove me crazy. I mean, I know that we live in Texas but come on. If you expect me to believe that there are that many Texas longhorns fans here in my little town then your poorly mistaken. Nobody ever talked about the Longhorns. It was always A&M and Texas Tech, Baylor, Duke, Florida Gators, and many others. Maybe a few but not as many as there were after the longhorns won. I just get a kick out of how many people follow the trend of others and claim that they are fans of the teams that have just won.

I don't watch many sports, however I do watch Basketball and I watch a lot of it. As for me, I'll always be a Mavericks fan. Go Mavs.

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