Friday, June 23, 2006

What were they thinking???

On Thursday, the New York Knicks announced that Head Coach Larry Brown had been fired from the organization. My question is, "Why?" What were they thinking? The New York Knicks hired Larry Brown to improve their organization, yet only after 1 year he has been let go. What sense does that make?

In the NBA, Larry Brown has been dubbed, "Mr. Fix-it" because he's so good at taking horrid teams and making them all stars. He's the only coach ever to have both a NBA Championship and an NCAA Championship. He's in the Hall of Fame. That right there should say something. I guess that wasn't enough though. Apparently, James Dolan, the owner of the Knicks, expected a complete turnaround of his team within one season and when he didn't get it he just got ticked and fired the hall of fame coach.

The thing that I find so ironic is that Larry Brown had a 5 year contract. Why not let Larry fofill his contract. The Draft is a week away and traded are going to be made throughout the postseason. Why not let Larry Brown make some trades and try to improve the Knicks. After all, it's not his fault that the Knicks just plain suck and their best player, Stephon Marbury, averages less points per game (16.3) than some 6th men. I think not. Brown tried more than 40 different starting lineups this season and almost nothing seemed to work the way he wanted it to but it shows that he was going to work on the team to try to improve it.

In a statement to the New York Post, Larry Brown states that he didn't do his job and let the team down. That couldn't be further from the truth. Brown did and an excellent job with the Knicks. His players are the ones that let him down by not playing their best. The organization let HIM down by not letting him do his job to the full extent and in the amount of time that they gave him to do it in. That would be 5 years.

Isiah Thomas has become the new Head Coach of the Knicks. With that said, should he be worried about his job? I would be. If Isiah doesn't make some major changes within the league the the Knicks are going to be in the same predicament as last year. Even James Dolan should realize that. He's got to be a fool not to. If I were Isiah Thomas, I think that I'd be looking for another job.

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