Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Game 6 Prediction

Tonight the Mavericks face elimination in Game 6 of the NBA finals. Of all places to battle...DALLAS. A home court that the Mavericks will refuse to lose on. After comings off of three losses in a row to the Miami Heat, the Dallas Mavericks are fired up. I expect Dirk to have about a 35 point game or more. Those of you that saw him after a game 5 loss in Miami know that he's not going to go down easy in game 6. You can expect Dirk to have a tremendous game. I expect the same thing from Jason Terry. Jerry Stackhouse will make his return after the game 5 suspension and I'm sure that he'll have a superb game as well. These three players are the heart and soul of the Mavericks in scoring and none of them want to go down on their home court.

I don't expect a great game from Miami tonight. This game is not a "must win" for the Heat so I don't expect them to be playing at their very best although I do expect Dwyane Wade to be playing very well as always. Wade has been carrying his team this entire series and I don't think that he'll let up, but with the Mavericks facing elimination tonight you can expect that they'll be playing at a pace that the Heat can not keep up with. Teams just seem to play better when they are facing elimination. I believe that Miami will have a "We don't have to win this one" type of attitude and this game will be a flop for them. If I had a guess tonight's game will not even be close and the Mavericks will win by at least 15 points or more. I expect that the Mavs will have an answer for not only Shaq but Wade as well. I predict that Wade will have a good game, however it won't be a 40 point game as in the last 3 game. When will the true game happen? In a game 7 when both teams are facing elimination and both want a trophy that neither team has ever gotten. The Mavericks will refuse to lose on their home court while the Heat will refuse to go home empty handed. Both teams will play with at their very best but only one can come away victorious.

We'll have to wait and see if this series goes to a game 7. If it does then I'll make my game 7 prediction at that time.

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