Wednesday, July 19, 2006

OKC Up For Grabs

When Hurricane Katrina nearly took New Orleans off the map the Hornets had to find a new place to play basketball. With many cities doing the bidding just for the chance to get a pro basketball team in their town Oklahoma City, Oklahoma came out with the victory and thus the Hornets were off to the Ford Center. The Hornets ended up playing almost the entire season in the Ford Center throughout the 2005-2006 season and will once again return to the Ford Center to play most of the 2006-2007 season there as well. So what happens after that?

It should be obvious to David Stern that OKC isn't going to let go of the Hornets without a fight. It was extremely exciting for OKC to get an NBA team even if it was for a short time but you can bet that OKC doesn't want them to leave and if they do then they want a team for themselves and why not. OKC proved that their basketball fans just as much as the next city. If OKC doesn't get to keep the Hornets you can bet that they'll be bidding for either an existing or an all together new NBA team. However, with that said they might be getting one sooner than later.

According to Marc Stein of, the Hornets might be trying to stay in OKC after all. Not only that, but Seattle might be looking into moving their precious Supersonics to OKC and why not? You can read that article here. They have the fan base and it's obvious that they want a team in their city. I think that if I was David Stern I would just go ahead and open up the NBA with a couple more teams and make everybody happy. That, to me, would be the smart move. The more basketball the better. After all, there's nothing that basketball fans want more than more basketball.


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