Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Out Of Control

There are literally hundreds of places that you can but a pipe. Grocery stores, tobacco shops, even convince stores carry some. Just about anywhere tobacco is sold, there's sure to be a pipe nearby. However there are many other pipes that you can buy, such as glass pipes, but only at specialty shops. If you want to see what I'm talking about click here. Not your ordinary pipe is it? We all know what these pipes are most likely going to be used for. Check out the title of the website. Grasscity.com. Grass. And what's grass? Weed. Of coarse. Did you see what else that web site offered? You can easily say that these pipes are going to be used for weed or whatever other drug can fit in there. They can be sold legally you can have them on your posession anytime, anywhere and the cops can't do anything about it UNLESS...! There's only one way that the cops can really bust you for having it and that's if it has resin from weed or any number of other drug in it. It doesn't matter how drug related it looks...no resin or drugs in it, you can't get busted. Plain and simple.

So why am I telling you this. Here's why. Hollywood, California. A heroin addicts paradise. Or anybody that used needles for that matter. That's right. There's a program in Hollywood called, "Clean Needles Now". What is Clean Needles Now? It's a program for drug users. Clean Needles Now is a program where needle users can bring in their old used needles in and exchange them for new "clean" needles. Not only do they get new needles, they also get alcohol swabs so that their arm can be clean when they stick themselves, and rubber straps so that they can make their veins pop out without the assistance of a belt.

What's this have to do with the pipes in the first paragraph? Simple. People that smoke weed or whatever can get busted for merely having resin of that drug in their pipe, but drug users in Hollywood can exchange their old needles, which have tons of resin in it, for new needles without the threat of being busted. That's right. That's why Hollywood is the heroins paradise. Free needles. Free supplies. What's better than that?

While you might find this hard to believe, it's 100% true. If you don't believe me, just ask the city itself. Hollywood not only sponsors the program, but pays for 50% of the costs to keep this program running. That's right. Sponsored and paid for by the city. How much better does it get? This is just one reason that the U.S. is out of control on it's drug policies and I mean Out of Control.

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