Thursday, October 12, 2006

My Mistake

With the NBA preseason underway, I have to give credit to Adam Morrison of the Charlotte Bobcats. While Adam is a rookie this year and only played in one game, he has already proven that he wants to be there. Scoring a whopping 19 points, Adam outscored every person on his team. This was the first game of the preseason and he's playing like it's the playoffs. If Adam keeps playing like this he'll be in the starting lineup for sure. Who cares if they lost the game by 19 points. Who really cares. Adam showed complete determination that he deserves to be there and that I respect.

I would like to also apologize to Adam for assuming that he wasn't all that he claimed to be. I remember making the remarks that he shouldn't be making claims that he would make people cry when he got to the NBA. If Adam keeps this up, he just may make people cry.

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